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One of the most valuable gifts we can offer our children is the gift of helping them become good readers. According to the Rise Up Foundation, "kids who are strong readers usually do better in school, and are better prepared to live successful lives."


In the words of Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, well-known pediatrician and author:

“Reading to children at night, responding to their smiles with a smile, returning their vocalizations with one of your own... all of these further a child's brain development and future potential, even in the earliest months.” 


The Boost My Reading Skills book series is meant to be read out loud to children who are pre-readers or read by beginning readers. Listed in the back are some of the activities you can do with your child, using the books in this series, to strengthen pre-reading skills. Most can be used with other books, too.


Pre-Reading Skills


Even before children can read on their own, they can learn pre-reading skills that will help them become strong readers. These skills will continue to boost their skills as they learn to read independently. 


1. Recognizing Print means understanding that print represents words that mean something and are related to words that are spoken.


2. Recognizing Letters and Words means that children learn the names, sounds and appearance of every letter, as well as learning what particular words look like.


3. Recognizing Sounds means listening to and identifying words and individual parts of words such as syllables. This is also called phonological awareness.


4. Comprehension means understanding the meaning of what was read.


Tips and Tactics


  • Make reading time fun. Don’t stress if your child doesn’t finish the book or read as long as you want him or her to. Just looking at books and hearing words and sounds is helpful in the journey toward becoming a reader.

  • Spend some time at the library every week, if there is one in your city.

  • Find words, letters, and colors in your child’s world: at the park, at the doctor’s office, in nature, at the store, or while in the car or bus.

  • Read a lot of books that have rhyme and repetition.


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